"The Magic house"

November 13, 2009
By {Y.RLEE=LEE} BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
{Y.RLEE=LEE} BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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Once upon of time they had a magic house. In the majic house live an a mother name Alesia and a father name Anthony they had two kids one name lil Anthony the other name angel.The was looking for an new house around the state. Well they came to find this house everybody like. The address was 1640 weigel drive. They love the house it had 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms,with an big back yard for the kids. They was the most happiest family on that street. Well they move in their new house they made it really beautiful. One night Mrs. Alesia got up in middle they night to go fix something to eat. she was going to fix her a sandwhitch bout time Alesia got to they kitchen they sandwhitch aws waiting for her on the table with a glass of orange juice. Mrs. Alesia could not believe her eyes she was like how did that get on the table withput her making it. Well Alesia thought she was just dreaming so she went back to bed. 7:00 in the morning Mr. Anthony woke up to wake everybody up in the house for school and work.When everybody went down stairs to the kitchen to fix something to eat . The kitchen had four plates with two pancakes 4 sunnyside up eggs,3 bacons, a glass of mike,and a glass of orange juice for each person. Everybody was looking around they house to see who fix all this breakfast. We didn't see a soul.Then we heard a sound said "welcome to the kitchen if you need anything please just say it out of loud so we can get it" the kids started freaking out like who is saying this.Then the sound came on againg saying "this house ya'll living in is a magic house". Everybody was like wow nobody knew this could ever happen in real life .We saw movies bout a majic house butt never actually saw one. We thought we was a very lucky family . WE'll after everybody ate their breakfast we went to work an school. The magic house made lunch for use and everything. Then when lunch time came it was still hot like you just got done from cooking it. Well our family was enjoying the magic house untill on day it went bad.In the middle of the night angel went to use the bathroom as angel useing the bathroom she heard a knock at the door. Angel got really scared she call on her daddy and everything nobody had not hear her.She started crying . When angel went open the door it was an lady standing by the door and she said "hi I am the house i put food on the table and stuff and you always dirtying the house so she took angel and she left with her. The next day when everybody woke up they could not find angel everybody was freaking out we call the police and all. Well lil Anthony and Anthony went out to look for angel .As Mrs.Alesia sitting on the sofa calling everybody she could she heard a voice in the basement. She went down there it was lil angel. Mrs.Alesia was crying for joy cause she finded her baby. The lady that took angel came behind her and hit Alesia in the head with an bottle so was they lady and Alesia fighting and angel sceaming for help.The daddy and son walk in the house they hear all they nose in the basement while lil Anthony call the police The daddy ran up stairs to see what going on . The daddy saw the mother and a lady fighting .When they police came he took the lady to jail.They happy family move out the house and promise each other they will never move it another house like that again.

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