Teenagers pergenty

November 12, 2009
By {Y.RLEE=LEE} BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
{Y.RLEE=LEE} BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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Well today I will be taking bout females and males teens having babies.The reason why im talking bout this is because I think teenagers need to wait before they make a big choice like that cause it take alot of time to take care of a baby. Well a friend of mines went threw something like this let me tell you what happen. My friend name is cory she was dating a boy name Robert. Robert told her everything she wanted to hear. Robert was the first boy she had sex with. They was so happy. The couple swear they was in love butt tyo me it was not real love cause the only time they will be close to each other is when they have sex. one day I went to her and told her how I felt and I told her that I think she should stop taking to him cause I saw him talikng to his ex. Well afetr she told him that she founded out he was still talking to his ex.She broke up with him. Then two weeks later she started throwing up and feeling weak. She went to the doctor and the doctor told her she was having a baby. She call me the same night crying to me saying how she did not want this baby cause she know her boyfried was not going to step up to the plate. The next day we went to schoool I told her to tell him bout the baby she said no because he stupid. Well I think all teenagers should not have sex if they can't rap it up . I think male she not just have sex with any girl cause you never know what would happen.I think females should not go out having sex with any boy cause a female should treat their bodies like it a flower. I just hope ya'll take this story in the head. Make show you get tested and have saft sex.

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