The "Green" People

November 12, 2009
By shinyhippo BRONZE, Houston, Texas
shinyhippo BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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The idea of a vegetarian diet is never to eat something that was once living because it is wrong. Well, plants are living things just as much as animals. Plants also had to die. The idea of neglecting meat in your diet is thought to be better for the environment since vegetarians are being more “green.” By eating only vegetables, vegetarians just eat all the oxygen producing autotrophs in the environment and the food of all the other animals making it harder for them to be healthy.

Vegetarians argue that eating just plants is better for you and the environment. The things out of the ground are way more natural and better for your health. If you eat just plants, you are also doing the environment a good thing. The idea of eating an animal that lives and walks on this earth is disturbing and very inhumane.

Vegetarians may say that it is wrong to kill animals for food and that it is immoral behavior. Well, one person who ate meat his whole life and was a pretty moral guy was Jesus. Jesus served food and killed animals for the making of the food and he is the only human who has ever walked on this earth that has lived a perfect life.

Vegetarians really show good health by not eating sufficient amounts of protein provided by meat. Their only other sources of protein are soy and other non-natural supplements. The people who follow this practice are usually very skinny because their diet lacks a lot of nutritional features. They are so smart that they are even using “organic” materials that use no artificial nutrients so they can treat their bodies better by not having these harmless ingredients in their foods.

Vegetarians are promoting a “green” cause that is not supported by any of their reasons to explain why they do not eat meat. The thinking of these people does not seem so environmentally sound. These geniuses are very committed to this cause that appears to lack quite a bit of logic.

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