The Real Beauty

November 11, 2009
By WillMaywald SILVER, Houston, Texas
WillMaywald SILVER, Houston, Texas
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The girls of today’s society can say things that can make one confused, insulted, or make our day. Some girls have said a very interesting statement, which is; “I just want to be loved for who I am in the inside.” Girls at most schools go into the restroom constantly between classes to fix their hair and makeup.. Whenever there is a homecoming there is always a girl who will not have the guy she likes ask her to homecoming, and we all know that. Then she spends lots of time in the restroom to fix her makeup again an again, which is completely understandable.

Now even I am a uniform violator and so is most of the student body. I took a test one day after class, and a really classy girl came in with very short shorts. The teacher asked her why she was dressed out of school uniform. The student was right when she said it was after school hours, but the teacher disagreed. She stated she was very lady-like in her shorts that she was dressed in to me. I don’t see why the teacher said she was dressed inappropriately.

Anyone who likes to dress in a different way to look pretty or handsome does want to be liked for the outside, and this will make an individual look really classy. While I was on my freshman retreat, seniors came to give some advice on how to start our freshman year. While we were at an evening devotion the seniors told us some uniform tips to avoid getting uniform violations. They told us to follow one rule; obey the rules and that’s the bottom line. When we got to school the girls were dressed in high skirts with plenty of makeup on. I thought the tasteful girls needed to get some new shoes.

Girls on Halloween dress up very classy with their school nurse, police, or French maid outfits. These girls truly must not want any attention, and they do not want to be judged on their outside. They know how to make us judge them on their inside. Then, when a high school freshman shouts something vulgar to the girls, they get offended, as if they were wearing long skirts and sweaters.

Women always care about what men really think of them as a person, but why then the plastic surgery? This just draws more attention to the outside. Look at Angelina Jolie. She has so many issues about what Brad Pitt thinks of her, but she constantly gets plastic surgery. Is she trying to show her real beauty?

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