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November 10, 2009
By lauren_b SILVER, Flower Mound, Texas
lauren_b SILVER, Flower Mound, Texas
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Certain accommodations are imperative for us as humans to apprehend the same theory. Were allowing economical disasters, earth’s downfall, and many disputed points drive our precious home into what can be the greatest catastrophe we will ever face. Some call this misfortune, others say its coincidence; I say, the theory of global warming is what we the people need to stop, and prevent for future downfall.

Our world is getting to hot, causing many tragedies in many people’s lives, such as animals homes being put in jeopardy. Ice caps are melting, making travel and hunting unmanageable for polar bears. Polar bears swim to get from one place to another, taking occasional breaks on strips of ice. When ice keeps rapidly melting, travel becomes very difficult, making their travel impossible, keeping them away from the necessities they need. If global warming keeps threatening their habitats they soon will be an endangered species. Some animals may like it hot but not the pika, (Ochotona princeps). These small fur balls are facing extinction all the same. Seventy-eight degrees is a fatal temperature for them, pikas are extremely heat sensitive, they won’t be able to all stay intact if our world keeps heating up the way it is. These harmless animals should not have to meet a horrible fate such as death and utter destruction.

Not just animals are in danger, those who are surrounded by open water, also face great peril of destruction. If changes aren’t constructed then their normal living patterns will go through a drastic metamorphosis, a beginning of a new world and the start of another revolution. Major outskirts will be affected, eventually flooded. This problem can be resolved or steadied, if we all put our heads in and unite to consolidate against controversy. I’m talking about, going green.

Instead of letting out pollutions into the air every day we can try walking more and reduce our carbon footprints. Even cutting down on the energy we use, by unplugging unneeded items, or keeping all the lights off. Just think, it’s time to have a nice candle lit dinner, not everything has to be bad. Instead of running the air conditioner go out for a picnic under a huge tree, or go to the lake to keep cool. Try eating more organic foods, less frozen food, and start growing your own food. Maybe eating less beef because Cows emit methane as a by-product of their digestion. Methane is twenty times more powerful than Carbon Dioxide, as a Greenhouse Gas; therefore it has an impact on global warming. Believe it or not, reducing your beef consumption contributes to going green. If you believe you can make a difference you will.

There are many ways to helping each other and our world; as long as you have belief that global warming is more than a theory and at least learn the facts, then you can tackle this unfriendly carnage. Save the polar bears and the pikas, because what you do doesn’t just affect you, these choices affect innocent creatures. We still have a say in our future, it’s not set in stone, so make a difference now while you still can.

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I wrote this for my english class, it was an assignment. But i still believe its true.

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