A few insperational words combined to mean something to you and I.

November 3, 2009
By noelintheskywithdiamonds BRONZE, Mooresville, North Carolina
noelintheskywithdiamonds BRONZE, Mooresville, North Carolina
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Is there a word for what I am
There must be a word for what we are.
We are not only organs and limbs clasped together by pure tissue and flesh or DNA simply bonding, nor are the sound waves that leak from our mouths just as electric signals.
We may scientifically portray these bodily characteristics, although human brilliance must always defeat science.
We are alive sculptures, marvelous statues, although the marble used to sculpt this human mold are our sensational imaginations , our delightful behavior, our miraculous words and thoughts. we were fashioned with wonderful skills to accomplish and conquer the great. we were all beautifully sculpted as one. if we were set here on this interesting world all together we must all collaborate, address our unique differences, our gifts, our advantages, and use those importance’s to improve this corrupted universe, we were all placed on this lovely canvas together for a reason, not to feel selfishness nor to feel hatred for these other humans much like us. but to feel passion for one another, to bring out bliss and love. we are not alone, no we are not alone.

The author's comments:
This is my first writing to ever be displayed on the Inernet spectrum. I feel that this piece of work is nowhere close to my true potential but I do love the meaning it portrays.

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