This ain't a fairytale...

November 4, 2009
By LizzK PLATINUM, Sullivan, Wisconsin
LizzK PLATINUM, Sullivan, Wisconsin
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"I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairytale..." goes that song I've listened to only a few times. Although the artist isn't my particular favorite, that one line has stuck with me for longer than I've ever expected. These days, we girls are bombared with romance, in many shapes and forms. Be it the latest movie, book or even seeing your grandparent's relationship still going strong after fifty years, there is just a small amount of pressure put upon ourselves to find that dream love. Call him Romeo, Prince Charming or call him John, but one way or another, every girl wants her happily ever after. How many of us get it? I don't know. Because I haven't found it yet.

My friends and I have spent many a long night obliterating three pounds of chocolate chip cookies, mint ice cream, and tissues while watching our favorite "chick flicks" Some have happy endings, some not so much. But they all have one thing in common - love.

Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic, I guess you could call me that. I've seen heartache and I've seen relationships crumble right in front of my eyes. I've seen the scientific statistics that state, with blunt truth, that the humans of today just can't seem to make a relationsihp work. And my question is simple. Why?

Maybe it's our crazy lifestyle, always running to or from somewhere. Perhaps we have become so preoccupied with everything going on around us, with all the triumphs and faliures that have wound themselves into the DNA of everyday existence, that we have lost complete sight of what used to matter. Love.

Where are the success stories? Where are the people that can honestly say that on their day off of work, or when they get home, that they spend as much time working on keeping the love they have for another person alive as they do on finishing that spreadsheet their boss wants? I understand that one hundred years ago, there weren't electric bills and water bills and car payments. There wasn't health insurance, heck, there was barely health care at all! But maybe, just maybe, if we can slow it all down a bit and open our eyes to what has been lost...

We can bring back that fairytale. Find our own happy ending.


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