What Home Means to you

October 20, 2009
By Ryan Kemeny BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
Ryan Kemeny BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
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Home is a difficult thing to explain. In the literal sense, home is where you eat, sleep, and live with your family. For most people though, the term home implies more than just a place. Home is like a feeling; a feeling of comfort, safety, and happiness. There is something about everyone’s home that makes it unique and just a little different than everyone else’s. It may be tradition or lifestyle, religion or race, or many other things.
Home is the place where you go to relax; a place to escape from school, work, the stress caused by the rest of the world. A home is comforting, enjoyable, and worry-free. Home is a safe zone where one can let anything out and know that someone is there to listen. Personally, I tell my parents everything because I know they’ll do their best to cheer me up. Whether I was just having a bad day or there was a legitimate reason behind my frustration, my parents always helped me in any way they could. At home, nobody can get to you, there isn’t someone grading you, monitoring you, or judging you. It is a safe haven that you can rely on to be there when you need it. It is full of the people that love you and care for you. They won’t judge you or hurt you; it is their goal to make you happy. Family is a major part of what makes a house a home.
At home, the air tastes better, smells better, and feels better. At least for me, I could be blind and know that I am home based on the smell and feel of the place. There is a connection between you and your home that isn’t physical. It can’t be explained and it can’t be taken away. That’s what makes a home more than the place where you live or stay. It is special and more important than any other place on Earth.
Overall, home combines much of life’s greatest qualities and sensations. It is a place to unwind, a safe haven, and a place that has a feeling like no other. It makes you happy and cheers you up when you’re sad. My home is special to me and only to me; it can’t belong to someone else and it can never be taken away.

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