Racism and Football

October 28, 2009
By Homostasis GOLD, Statesville, North Carolina
Homostasis GOLD, Statesville, North Carolina
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The Apaches, The Braves, The Warriors, The Redskins; these are all common high school mascot names but, has anyone ever thought on how that could be offensive, degrading, or even considered racism?
Derogatory names like Redskins are being integrated into American culture via sports. Most people on those teams probably don’t even know the story behind the name of the teams they play for. Of course people know that there are tribes called the Apaches, but do they know why the term “Redskin” came from.
Back when there were trade and general stores, trappers could sell fur….. And Indian scalps. Ladies of that time period were offended by the word scalps for some reason, so men took to calling them Redskins, because of the disgusting bloody mess that they caused. Now who wants to be reminded of how many ancestors of there’s were murdered?
Not only are the names horrible, but usually the actual mascot or picture is as well. They are usually racist caricatures making fun of the way Indians look and USE to dress.
How is this perfectly acceptable to be racist and prejudiced against Native Americans but if anyone even makes a remark about any other race, people rush in to file lawsuits and create turmoil. African Americans, Jews, Asians, and Hispanics, aren’t the only groups that are targeted. They are the only ones that are targeted that isn’t socially acceptable.
Native Americans are just thrown on to a reservation, their land and lives taken away from them, and they are forgotten. It is not fair that people are racist, but if we are going to stick up for them, we need to stick up for all races. We need to suck it up and learn that there are different names for football teams that won’t remind a whole entire race of what we have done to their people. Ending racism has begun, but if we are going to end it we must end it for all and for good, we can’t just save a few and leave the rest to the dogs.

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