Perfect Day

October 27, 2009
Today is just one of those absolutely perfect days. The warmth from the sun softly kisses our skin. A breeze arises and makes our hair dance all around. We look down at the glassy surface of the lake to see our reflections. Ripples form with each paddle stroke we take. Slowly, but swiftly move across the vast lake. It takes almost two hour, but the view is so magnificent when we reach the shore line; we know it was worth it.

Walking around in the woods we keep hearing and seeing many different animals. There seems to be this peacefulness that fills the air around us. We stop at this little clearing and just sit there for awhile. The sun begins to descend from the sky and dip down into the valley. When there’s no more light we build a camp fire. Everyone gathers around it and sits there talking and laughing about everything.

We all look up through the dense forest and see many beautiful stars and the full moon that’s out tonight. I would of never thought it was possible that there were so many stars in the sky, if I hadn’t seen them for myself. It’s such a clear night that we can make out The Big Dipper, Little Dipper, and so many others. As, I look from the stars to my family I know this has been the best day I’ve had in a long time. Lately its felt like the perfect day rarely comes along anymore. So when it dose I’m not goanna waste a minute of it. I will make the most of it like I have with this perfect day.

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