The Ice Skate Trip Up

October 26, 2009
By Anonymous

My most embarrassing moment was when i first was starting to play hockey. I was 7 years old, and my dad had just put me on skates for the first time. We went to a public skate down in Salt Lake. The first skate that I ever did went pretty well; I didn’t fall down once.

After I had been playing hockey for a year, I had gotten pretty good and comfortable on skates. When I had my last game of the season, I went out to the edge of the ice and could smell the cool frozen water right below my nose.

All the rest of the kids were already skating, and I was the last one out. I took my first step onto the ice, and my left skate slipped right out from under me. I fell right onto my face and tried to get back up, but my left skate still slipped from under me.

After a few more tries, my coach said that I had my cloth skate guard (a cover to go over the blade of the skate to protect it) still on. I looked down, and he was right! So I stumbled back to the dressing room, and I went back out to the ice, and led our team to victory.

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