A Rather Negative Philosophy...

October 23, 2009
By Anonymous

On: Life -
It is simply astounding the great lenghts that people go to - the inevitable knack they possess for exactly what is the absolute worst for them - the inability to recognize precisely what is meant for them, and instead reaching (or at least attempting to reach) for goals and dreams that are so blatantly, simply not meant for them! There is a fiery desire behind everything, from a thought, to a comment, to a letter, that is every driving force behind everything that has come into existance. The way that humans always seemingly want whatever it is that is so potent, so pressing, yet so far and distant, that it is actually unable to tell whether or not it is indeed there. The way they avoid the truth, and would rather lie to themselves, and to everyone around them, simply yearning for whatever it is that is obviously not bound to happen! We would rather do this than draw the courage to face our defeat. And, this is truly the epitome of the most flawed factore in the history of mankind.

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