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October 23, 2009
By Celtics4Life BRONZE, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Celtics4Life BRONZE, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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I saw movement from left side of the small building approximately twenty feet in front of me. I shifted my M4 Carbine in that direction, lining up the sights. I blinked, trying to remove the sweat that was stinging my eyes and dripping down my face. I took a deep breath and eased my finger onto the trigger. Then my target ducked out of cover, now in range. I squeezed and held down the trigger to let out a fully-automatic burst o fire.

“I’m hit!” My target yelled as the shots nailed him on his back.

I quickly ran over to my friend. Our teams were fighting for control of five flags. My friend and I were going to capture the middle flag, which was the most difficult and dangerous to capture because it was the most visible flag, out in the open. You were able to see it from all across the battlefield. My friend took cover against the wall and used his M4 Carbine to suppress the enemy while I raised the blue flag, our team’s color. I ran back behind cover and waited for an enemy to try to capture it.

After a few minutes I was about to give up and go to another flag, but suddenly an enemy popped around the corner of a wide doorway. I swung my M4 Carbine’s barrel in their direction and blasted them with a long burst.

I stayed where I was because I knew more were coming. Sure enough, two more came around the corner. Both were hit in no time, but I only remembered shooting one. How could they both be hit? Then I realized my friend was crouching a few feet behind me. I turned around and saw him reloading his pistol. Yeah, it was him.

We knew the whole enemy team would be trying to hunt us down so I went to go get some reinforcements from guys at our team’s base. Then we ran to the next flag. This time it was not as easy, though. We were trying to creep through a very narrow hallway that twisted and turned like a miniature maze; it was so small we had to walk in a single file line. I peeked around the last corner before the flag and saw a guy from the other team trying to raise his flag but it was caught on the other flag and wouldn’t budge. I took him out before he could even raise his gun.

After that I started fighting by myself. Unfortunately I got overly confident and made a stupid mistake. I ran through a building without checking my corners and started raising the flag. One of the enemy players was coming up behind me but slightly to my right from a narrow alley. He sprayed my knuckles and up my entire arm with his MP5 submachine gun.

After that I met up with my friend and two other players and we formed a squad of four. I was the pointman, which meant I went in first. Our team controlled two flags while our enemies controlled three. We were advancing on the middle flag again; because our enemies controlled it now. One guy went to raise the flag while the others covered him nearby. I was farthest away from the rest of our squad; I was the rearguard. I saw and enemy across the way. He was reloading his AK-47. I aimed and pulled the trigger but nothing happened! My gun was jammed! I groped with my holster, trying to take out my Beretta M9 pistol. My opponent was almost finished reloading. Just a second before he raised his gun I freed my pistol form the holster and shot him without even taking the time to aim. I sighed with relief, shaking from how close I was to getting shot.

My teammate was finished raising the flag. We set up an ambush at the flag, knowing our enemies would come. Then I saw an enemy crouching behind a car, about to shoot my teammate. Before he could fire I started squeezing off shots with my M9. He ducked behind the car and returned fire with his USP pistol. I leaned against the wall, ejected my pistol’s magazine and slammed in a fresh one loaded with 25 shots. I popped out of cover and fired three shots. One of them ricocheted off the car’s mirror and nearly hit me. I ducked in cover again. Then my opponent started firing again. I popped out of cover below his shots and fired three shots into his unprotected arms.

After that, my teammate finished raising the flag and then we both sprinted to cover behind two large metal barrels. We set up and ambush and then waited for the enemies to walk into the trap. Thirty seconds later the first guy came within range. We were supposed to hold fire until the main group was in the open but one of our guys fired too early and ruined the ambush. The other enemies, who were behind the first guy who was their pointman, scramble for cover now that they knew our position. Our teammates realized the ambush was ruined so we just started firing like crazy, shots whizzing by in all directions and people screaming as they were hit. It was so chaotic that the guy to my left was hit by our own teammate who was positioned across the hallway.

The battle raged on. Our team’s gunner was tearing up the other team with his M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon). As a gunner, his job was to use his machine gun as supporting fire to suppress the enemies.

Pretty soon our enemies were nearly defeated. But suddenly I heard someone behind me and then a shot and my friend cry out in pain. The guy nailed him with a shotgun. I mowed him down before he could chamber another round.

Eventually a few of our teammates and I decided to storm the enemy using just pistols so we could be more mobile. We almost charged straight into them, but we were successful. They weren’t expecting such a crazy charge and we shot them all before they had a chance to fire.

We ran back to the middle flag, waiting for more enemies but then we heard someone shout, “Game over! Time’s up!” That game had lasted twenty minutes, and because our team controlled the most flags (2 out of 3), we won the game.

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