The Leaves that Everyone Sees

October 21, 2009
By loverpooh207 BRONZE, La Habra, California
loverpooh207 BRONZE, La Habra, California
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As I walk outside, I always find myself surrounded by trees. They are either in front, in back, left, or right of me. While walking, I notice that all the trees are not exactly identical. They are all different in size, shape, color, and texture. One thing trees have in common is that they all have leaves. All tree have an enormous amount of indistinguishable leaves depending on that tree. Humans sometimes say that all leaves look alike on one tree. But in actuality each leaf has their own personality just like humans. Everything has a distinct characteristic, including a single leaf.

On this one specific day, I was strolling down the road and came upon a huge Rainbow tree. A Rainbow tree is this gigantic skeletal tree with braches coming out in all directions and producing new braches like an old fashion family tree. The leaves on a rainbow tree practically engulf the frame of the tree. The color of the leaves was this smooth claming yellow. As I approached closer to the tree I felt this crackle at the foot of my frame. I glanced down; I recognized that it was a blob of leaves just sitting quietly. The leaves were just resting under the tree’s welcoming branches. Looking at the pile of leaves seemed like I was looking at a pair of identical twins, yet once they part ways, you are able to recognize the individualism. I could not distinguish the leaves from each other.

I reached down for a single leaf. As I looked closer, my perception of the leaves changed. The leaves were not all one color anymore. Each leaf has a different shade, size, rip, or noticeable trait that separates them from the pile. That is when I realized if I were to take two trees of the same species and compare their leaves, they would not have a single characteristic that is the same. By that being said there is no leaf that resembles another leaf. Well, at least in my mind I believe that.
I retrieved that one leaf and it was resting in the palm of my hand. Even thought the leaf was in my hand, it felt as if it there was nothing. If I were to close my eyes and hold one hand open, and someone were to place the leaf in the palm of my hand, I would not be able to tell that it is resting on my hand. In other words the mass of this leaf was invisible.
The texture of the leaf was the weirdest thing of all. The leaf had the feeling of silk as it ran through my thumb and index finger. However it had this feeling of slithering your index finger on the surface of construction paper. I also noticed that this leaf had a vein like entity stringing through it. I took a close look at the leaf and came to the conclusion that it did look like a vein. It was as if blood could be flowing through the leaf, but once it falls off the tree, its blood supply gets cut off.

The shape of the leaf hooked similar to a tiny water catcher for birds to drink out of. I could imagine a drop of rain falling, getting trapped by the leaf, and than the leaf keeping the water like a prisoner. Yet, the leaf is only allowed to capture a minuscule amount of water because of its thin and delicate shell. One of the reasons that this particular leaf could have fallen was because it accumulated too much water. I would consider the leaf to be a selfish leaf. Instead of the leaf taking what it had, it wanted more and more water. When wanting more and more, it mostly ends up falling back into that pile of ordinary leaves. So sadly for this leaf, it has to gain it status.

At the same time as I was examining the leaf a gust of wind whistled. I was trying not to let this buoyant enthralling leaf fly away from my hand, but it occurred. I watched the leaf soar through the air while it was doing twist and turns. I thought of it being as a symbol of freedom. It was not only that one leaf from my hand that flew; it was all of them on the ground. Just seeing all of the tiny particles blowing resembled a flower girl throwing flowers. Finally, the one leaf floated off into the distance farther than my eye could see and now it was just an ordinary leaf, living in an ordinary world.

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