October 20, 2009
By Anonymous

What are cichlids? Do you know anything about cichlids? There is something that is all big, as a 2 foot Branch, they can eat anything that you put in it mouth, such as bone and metal and it has razor sharp teeth that tar your false and blood. There are a lot of cichlid such as Oscar, convict cichlid, black belt, red devil cichlid, blue Texas, red Texas, and wolf cichlid.
Cichlid facts

Oscar are from the Amazon River. Oscar can grow to 14-18 inch. Oscar can eats fish and flakes.

Convict cichlid are from South America. Convict can grow to 4-6 inch. Convict also can eat fish and flakes.

Black belts are from South America. Black belts can grow to 13-18 inch. Black belt can also eat fish and flakes.

Red devil cichlids are from South America. Red devil cichlids can grow to 8-18 inch. Red devil cichlids can eat fish and flakes.

Blue texas are from Center America. Blue Texas can grow to 8-18 inch. Blue Texas and red devil cichlids make red Texas. Blue Texas can eats fish and flakes.

Red Texas are from center America. Red Texas can eat worms, fish and flacks.

Wolf cichlids are from South America. Wolf cichlids can grow to 24 inch. Wolf cichlids can eat anything and even cichlids.
They are related to piranhas. Piranhas live in the Amazon River. They all can be danger to have but if you know how to hand all them, you will be fine.

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