The Thief

October 19, 2009
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I was so unbelievably frightened. I’m sprinting as fast as I can, cautiously glancing behind me for just a moment to see if I’m being followed. I look back again and I see people coming for me! What do I do?! My feet are throbbing from the rocks and stones scraping my feet. I force myself to keep going. I dodged into the forest hitting leaves and twigs that are stinging my face. I keep running not looking back. I stopped by a large tree and listened, panting and coughing I covered my mouth. I looked behind me, finally they lost me.
I let out a noise of relief and sat down. The light rain was pelting the top of my head. Hot tears streamed down my face. I looked up and prayed softly. I got up and moved towards another road. All of a sudden I hear something. My own heart was pounding like a drum. I pressed my self upon the soulful ground and held my breath. The sounds of horses were drawing near. Please God protect me. Protect… The sound drew closer and closer. I closed my eyes and hoped they would not hear the sound of my very faint breathing. My lungs were stinging with the need to pant but I held it in. The riders passed by slowly. I rolled to my back and mouthed the words “Thank you” Black scraggly branches were above me. They enclosed the blood red sky like hands. The gates of hell have been opened and they are calling my name.
I stumbled to my feet and walked on, suddenly my heart leaped into my throat. Decade bodies hung from the black trees. I shut my eyes and walked passed. I stopped at a near pond and washed my face. My hair was caked with dirt and tears stained my cheeks. I am so frightened. I dropped to my knees and prayed for a way out. I didn’t do anything to deserve to be brought to this awful place. I need them to know that I did not steal. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my mother’s tiny cross and I clutched it to my heart. Now my own life is over. I walk passed the gates into oblivion, passed the gates is a cliff. I walked up to it and took one breath in and jumped. Down I kept falling faster and faster. One last second and I hit the water.
Where am I? I open my eyes hazily. Was all that a dream? I look around me, birds! I hear birds for the first time in a long time. I glance up ward. Clear blue skies enclosed me. I look to my right; the black trees have turned to green as I remember. I stand up, I see something. A white light. Mesmerized I walk to it. I have walked into heaven Time has been reversed. Happiness has finally filled me. I am home. I close my eyes and relaxed, I prayed out loud. My last words were...“Thank you”

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