October 13, 2009
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Loneliness is something I’m sure we all have felt and I’m sure it was not pleasant one bit. Many find loneliness in acceptance, like they are not accepted and they want to be but are not, therefore they feel lonely. Back in the Modernism time things were crazy especially during the time of the depression. Anyways back then many events occurred like World War I. The war was based on freedom pretty much and that’s because most were not accepted the way they were, they had to live under rules, keep their mouth shut, and be the way others wanted them to be. They all just wanted to be accepted for who they are and be free. Also the introduction to the radio was during this time, its possible the radio was a way for acceptance because many could do as they pleased and be their selves on the radio such as Orsen Wells. What happened with that maybe have caused some controversy but he was being expression ate of who he is and what he likes to do, course following everything he was widely not accepted. Not many knew that his little War of the Worlds skit was only a skit and not even real but they wouldn’t hear it, the played them and they didn’t like it. Moving pictures became quite a hit during this time and they expressed someone’s thoughts and feelings and what not. This little invention was a hit, maybe about one of the only things accepted during this time. The worst event of it all was the stock market crash, this was a chain reaction of many events that destroyed people’s lives in the 1930s. This is when so much changed and the acceptance got even worse. Since people struggled with many things certain groups were less accepted then others because of the fact that money was getting tight. So to be specific people like blacks, native Americans, and all those groups were not accepted in jobs, and social things because they needed to make some lay offs and of course they were the first ones to go. Following the stock market crash comes the Dust Bowl and The Great Depression; this just made things worse. The Dust Bowl was a drought that was going on which made it hard for people to farm so of course farmers were out of business and no one really wanted anything to do with them. With that it made things worse for the blacks too because they were the ones who mostly did all the farming so they lost their job as farmers lost land. Its sad how they could just be tossed aside like nothing but that’s the way things were during that time. Times were getting hard and a lot of people were off on their own some not accepted by others and some it was a choice. Which in bigger terms are the same thing because those who choose not to travel with anyone don’t accept others in their adventure to starting a new. Thinking about the book of Mice and Men there is a great example of acceptance. Lennie was kind of dumb and was hard at remembering a lot of things but George still traveled with him and they were very close. As it said in the book not many people travel together and even those that did they were probably on the same mental level but not George and Lennie. George accepted Lennie problems and all without George though Lennie would not have money and would not have any kind of job, in fact without George, Lennie would be dead. That’s how cruel things were back then, Lennie would not be accepted by others without George because of two main reasons. One he was dumb and people wouldn’t know how to deal with him and two money was tight and people would rather work someone with intelligent because they could listen and get the job done the way they want it to the first time and get it done right. Now comes the Immigration act in which occurred during this time period. This act was an attempt to accept people from third world countries, of course though this came with much controversy. It seems there is nothing one can not do with out some sort of controversy striking up. It is still in use today but the act was a step toward something big, acceptance. Many still were not accepted even though the act was put into play. The act was not a law saying the people had to accept them just that they could enter the U.S without much problems. When they got into the U.S though some were very mean. Loneliness could be found in anything, you could be alone in your head and you can be alone in general but many of struggled with the loneliness of acceptance.

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