Crazy Love

October 12, 2009
By Javonte&#39 Bailey BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
Javonte&#39 Bailey BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
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Once you leave from a school with a person people start acting. They act like they don't want to talk no more.
When i was goen to school with this boy he was all lovey duby with me. Once i left it was a whole nother story. Every day i heard something different about him. How him and one of me friends be playen so i asked him did he like her he said "yes" so i said that it was over. Come to find out she been wanted to go with him. So they started talking after tat he saw what he was missing. He want to try to talk to me again, calling me talking bout he sorry, he love me, and want to go back with me. Being dumb i went back with him. Soon as we went back together he started acting again.
I feel like this i dont want to talk no more he just need to let me go. He act like he have to have to do anything. This time it aint going to be all that, don't want to talk no more.

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