My Crush

October 12, 2009
In my 8th grade year i had a friend named Asia.She introduced me to her guy friend Johnathan,I called him johnny for short.At first we were just really good friends best friends actually.But then i started to get the hugest crush on him you could ever imagine.Sometimes i would get confident and think about telling him.But then when i saw his face i would change my mind about the whole idea.Sometimes i thought he liked me to.Because he would mess with Asia like called her names and stuff like that.But he didn't do that with me he was really nice to me even gave me hugs when i wanted them.That probably didn't mean like me back mabey he just respected me,it's alright if he didn't though.I don't really see him anymore so now i sometimes wonder,Should i have told him how i felt?Or was it best to leave it alone and forget about it?

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