How to stay in a relationship

October 12, 2009
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How do you stay in a relationship? I have a boyfriend named T.J and we been going out for one year and nine months. We have a great relationship so far.
First you have to have trust in the relationship in order to have a relationship. You always have to trust them even though he or she goes to parties, goes to work, or even hanging with his friends you have to have a relationship with trust no matter what. If you don’t have trust then why be in a relationship. Friends can have a lot to do with trust because friends can tell you anything to break up you and your girlfriend or boyfriend. So you have to have trust.
Second, you have to communicate or tell secrets to each other. If you don’t communicate, then why bother trying to talk to them. You have to communicate by telling them what’s wrong in the relationship or what’s bothering you that your relationship need to change. Communicate is the best thing for a relationship because some boys or girls don’t like people to be quiet while they dating. Always communicate with the person you are trying to get to know.
Third, you have to spend time with each other. Take him or her to the movies, skate country, bowling or laser tag. You should always go some where with the person you dating because that shows that yall really like each other or love each other.
I hope you follow my advice on how to keep a relationship.
Thank you

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