Teen Pregnancy

October 12, 2009
Teen pregnancy in this period of time is as popular as the girl thats crowned as prom queen in high school.Teens are getting knocked up left and right by boys that feed them what they want to here up until the pregnancy test comes back positive.Then you become a disgrace to your family even though they will love you no matter what,your friends begin to turn there backs on you at a time where love and support is a must and most important your babys' father doesn't want anything to do with you because he moved on and ready to take on his next victim.Teen pregnancy isn't like when you were babysitting your your little niece or nephew its the real deal.It's a 24 hour job without pay and especially if your doing it alone.Before you lay down with someone make sure you think about the consequences and how your life could possibly change.Make sure you trust your partner and most importantly keep your parents updated which as i know is hard but at the end of the day she'll probably be the only one that's left for you to run to!!

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