"life good&bad"

October 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Most people think that all the bad things in life happen to them, but its not true. Bad things happen to everyone. No one relizes that with every bad thing that happens every good thing comes with it.LIfe is the greatest gife you will ever recive. You have to make every little second worth living for.
Most people know that bad things happen in life. People you are close to and love die.Your house could burn down. Someone very close to you that has always been there for you can get really sick.sometimes you go low one money. These are very common bad things in life.
With all those bad things that happen good happens after. When people die they go to heaven and are put out of there pain. If your house burns down you can always rebuild it bigger and better. If someone close to you gets sick you can think about how much better there gunna feel when its over. If you go low on money you start to relize what is truly important in life. People go through these kinds of things every day. All you have to do is find the good in the bad.
More people need to relize what life is about.The only way you will live a happy good life is if you make that way.If you dont care or try at life you will end up missreble and in pain all the time with nothing.

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