Staying in School

October 12, 2009
By Anonymous

It is important to stay in school because you can learn important skills your going to need. In order to make it in the world and be a successful person it pays to stay educated. When school starts to get hard dont suddenly decide that you want to drop out of school because if you do your going to lack the skills like organization, math, english, and science. You may not know it now but school is very important.

A lot of people think that they can go to the nfl and not have to worry about school but if you get injuired then what. Most people dont have a back up plan to fall back on with out a high school diploma it is very hard to find a job that pays good. Nobody wants a high school drop out who lacks the education that's needed for that job. I know your tired of hearing the same thing but it's important to know that you can't just have one main goal like football and don't have no education. That's why you need to stay in school to stay educated because after sports you still might need a job to support your life style.

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