Do's and Don't's For Healthy Hair

October 12, 2009
Having trouble caring for your hair?Still wondering why your hair not growing?Well here are some great tips.Now I Know everyone loves weave and hair extensions but with using glue knowing how to put it in is very important.With using glue do not put glue on your hair,always use a weaving cap to prevent glue from pulling hair from roots.Here is a another way you can develop your hair to be healthy when puttting in weave sew-ins or lace wigs last about 4months using no glue.You can wash your hair and manage like your own. Getting braids really small can pull your roots,the sides and the nape of your hair.Now if getting medium sized braids is okay to make it grow for about 2-3 months.With roller wraps try not to use hot irons like chi-irons and bumpers it will really burn your roots and your ends and your hair will smell nasty.This will really damage your hair after a relaxer do not bleach or color-dye your hair.Wait 7-days to a week to do so.Caring for your hair is really important hope you follow my tips.

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