Teens and Stuff They Do

October 12, 2009
Most teens try all kinds of things like smokeing. For instence i heard someking a cigerret is worse than smokeing weed. Me personaly i never did it, never tried, and im never going to. But some people do it and they presure the people around them to try it to. But yu have to be smart about it and dont do it. Smokeing weed is illegal and harmfull to yu.If you get caught smokeing yu can get introuble with the cops and you would most probably have to go to court, maybe jail, and you'll probablly have to get a probation officer. For school if yu play sports yu can not smoke because to play sports they drug test yu and it shows up on it. So i say dont do it becuase you can get introuble for doing it and why would you want to do it. Dont get pressured into doing it if the people around you do it let them ruin there life dont let them get yu to ruin yours.

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