The Mean Boy

October 12, 2009
By B.Tatum BRONZE, Harvey, Louisiana
B.Tatum BRONZE, Harvey, Louisiana
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There was a boy name sean who was so mean to a girl who was so nice to him. On October 12 it was the girl birthday and as she walks in the class he gives her one of the meanest looks he could possible think of. As she is sesated in her sit he turns around as says so you think you are special just because its your birthday but you not.As then the class left to go to the computer lab and the class is working a project asnd as she is finishing her work the teacher said thst the class has two mins left and then they have tot save there work and the girl getsw up from her seat to throw something away.And when she come back to her computer all of her work was gone,the boy had deleted all of her work before she could even save it so she got a F on her work.And she work sad and mad at him for being so mean.

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