Who's Real

October 12, 2009
By , marrero, LA
There is may of different type of friends the main two are good friends and bad friends. Friends aren't always what they seem.
Bad friend may act as your friends one day and the next day they aren't and don't treat you right. bad friends will make you do things you dont want to do. You also don't always feel comforable around the.
Good friends are true friends. They like you for who you are and not who they want you to be. You should be real around your good friends. They should know how to make you laugh and never make you cry unless your crying becausee your happy.
Friends are almost everything to people. With out good friend that treat you right you'd probly will never be able to be who you truely are.
Friends mean a lot so picking good friends are importan. Bad friends can change your life and not in a good way.

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