10 Things To Do Before You Go On A Date !

October 12, 2009
First.You will have to found the boygirl that you is interest in or a person that you really care for.
Second.Ask the person on a date any place you like.
Third.Get ready 30-40 minutes before you leave the house on your date.
Forth.Go home find some clothes you will wear on your dateIt don't have to be any fancy clothes or just regular clothes.
Fifth.Take an bath or an wipe off so you wanted be uncomfortable about how your body smell.
Six.Brush your teeth just in case you talk in your partner face.
Seventh.Put on some perfume orcolonel so you can smell real nice.
Eight.Make Sure ! You bring some money about $20.oo Or $30.oo.
Nine.Comb your hair or brush it to look real nice.
Ten.Ask parent's do you look ok to go on the date.

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