worse birthday !

October 12, 2009
When i was turned thurteen pretty much my whole family forgot about my birthday. I was so upset, the only people who reememberd was my aunt, but only because my mom called and said "we are coming over to swim for Kaleigh's birthday." I took two friends with me, and swam till like six. After i went to my nanny's because she wanted ti take me to see a movie but they all went with out me. So i waited at her house untill they came home at around ten. She bought me a cake at least, we light the candles, sung me happy birhtday, and then ate the cake. after that she told us all to go to sleep. I was aggervated i couldnt sleep. I think they forgot because my birthdaY is durring summer, it's on July 1st. Oh well I'm not to worried aabout it anymore, things happen rite. All i know is the following bithdays were great.

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