''Life In Genral"

October 12, 2009
How many of you have bad and good things happen to you in life?Of course , everyone!The reason is because your not perfect nor is your life, even when you go home the people there aren't perfect.Thats why you shouldn't judge noone, you dont know what happens behind closed doors,or behind faded smiles.Thats why you should grab any oppurtunity and let it enter your life.The world can be cruel & sweet at the same time, you should accepet that.Inhale the oppurtunitys and exhale the problems.You should finish school or go to college , which is a big oppurtunity for alot of people but some do not take aadvantage of , which is sad.My mother tells me "i wish i could go back and be the biggest nerd and sit in the front of class , then we would have a better life."I follow those words everyday.You should stay strong no matter what , rely on supportive family , not friends ,because they come and go but never stay.Life goes by in a blink of any eye , so appericate it ,and it will appericate you.Walk your path to your future and fullfill your dreams!Your life will be full of sorrow,happiness,crys, and laughs.These suprises can controll your life and decsions you make.Have you ever made a mistake ? Of course again , everyone.But its great if you have , because its a life lesson.You should think before you do something , because you may regret it.Lifes rough but keep walking and keep your head up high.When life gives you 100 resons to cry , give life 1000 resons to smile.Take charge of who you are,what you do , and how you do it.I hope you take this advice and make wise choices for you and your life!

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