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October 13, 2009
By leonel BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
leonel BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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This year I would like to participate in all of my classes like in math that is one of the most ones that I need to participate because I don’t participate a lot in that class that because I’m shy to talk and speck in front of the class that’s one of the reasons I have e/l/d/ because I don’t participate in classes. not in all of

them because in some of them I participate in all of my classes I also one to stay out of trouble because in order to due do good in classes I have to stay out of trouble and this year of school I also one to meet

New friends and this year I one to share my thinking with the class and I also one to meet all my standards because I one to get good grades in all my classes and I meet a goal she’s talking and no interruptions in class the end.

and that goal is to get Good grades and respect my teacher’s friends and lesson to teacher so I could know what to do and another goal that I one to meet is pay attention to the teacher when

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