The Halloween Night

October 2, 2009
During Halloween night, the trees were dying slowly under the faint glow of the moonlight like a dying spotlight. The wind was running by; pass the houses, the dying trees, the monsters hunting the night along with the clouds up above. The groups of houses were dead with its runaway friend the wind. The streets were calm as the monsters ran off back into their year long sleep. I was in one of the dead houses, surrounded with other survivors of the night. I was small with long black hair which was as black as the darkness covering the streets in its blanket. I was in the middle between two figures that were faceless in the darkness. Even though it was dark as the night sky, only the light was the TV which showed a man in the dark clothes chasing after a young blond-hair girl. The screams were echoing like we truly were in a cave running away from the dark figure as he took his first victim. We were close to each other which from the back of us were like a three headed monster heading towards the light gate. Since I was the youngest in the group, I had to cover my face under the darkness away from the bright light. At the time, I was afraid and the images pop in mind that this person was coming after me like he did to the girl. The two faceless figures were laughing at my fears like they could see what my thoughts were like an open book. They shook with laughter which felt like an earthquake in this small bed. When my ears could no longer hear the screams echoing, I raised my head slowly out of the darkness like a bodiless head floating in the flow of the darkness. One of the faceless figures rose up and with a snap the darkness disappears as the light shine bright like the sun. Finally, the two faceless figures had faces both were men with short black hair just like the darkness and my own. Each figure had a chocolate pair of eyes alone with dark colors of their shirts and pants. My throat was dry as the desert so I left the two men alone laughing and chatting. The house was cold and filled with darkness as the streets were. But, I try to ignore it all around only the thinking of the desert inside me. Even though it was dark, I could see through it like my eyes had developed night visions which are like cats who loved the night. I reached for the sink but, I touched something else that wasn’t supposed to be there, blocking my path. In a reaction, I called out to it but no answer came, just the wind playing with it lifeless friends outside. Scared, I took a step back and only thought about that girl and that cold-hearted man. Within seconds I ran across the darkness and locked myself inside a bedroom which in truth while this was happening all I could see was just blurs of darkness along with some colors but, in all nothing more. My heart was beating so fast that you could have thought I didn’t have a heart in the first place. My mind erased everything besides the young girl and the lowlife of a man. It seems to me that I was in that movie and that I was the young screaming, searching for hope. Suddenly, footsteps filled the silence around the house but, coming closer and louder with each step the figure outside took. The bed was my only choice in my mind. So, I quickly hid under it thinking it was a gateway to the real world where he couldn’t touch me or even see me. I lay under it stay quiet, holding my breathe when the door opened slowly letting in some of the sunlight into the darkness, so he could have a chance to spot me. From the darkness, I could see his feet which looked similar to one of the faceless figures from before. Mistaking letting out some air, the figure turn towards the bed and started to kneel down. My heart and my mind were going out of control and within seconds everything went blank. Finally, when I snapped out of it, I was standing over one of the faceless men. He was holding his chest while trying to stand up but, only fallen back down to the icy cold floor of the room. The second figure came after he heard the first one calling out for him. After the second figure helped out his fellow figure, the first one told the story of how he was kicked by me and continued to say he just wanted to have some fun, nothing more. I was so shocked that I was speechless like I forgotten how to speak. In my mind, I was trying to remember the events but, yet again my mind gave me blanks. Even to this day, I still could see blanks in my mind, continuing to wonder how I did it and how was I brave in that scary, and coldness Halloween night. My advice to all who read this is to be careful who you scare because you may never know who might fight back against the fears that lurk deep in our minds.

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A.Dreamer said...
Aug. 3, 2010 at 7:59 pm
Wow, you do a very good job of describing things! :) I like the story, it's very unique and I love your writing style!
JohnyDeppLover123 said...
Jan. 30, 2010 at 4:12 pm
Good Job!!!
Armygirl14 said...
Nov. 18, 2009 at 7:46 pm
Please leave a comment and a rate so I can see what people think of my work. Thank you greatly.
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