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October 8, 2009
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How do you “get away from it all?”

The cold and warm a stirred waves, pondered from the breaks of a restless ocean tinkling onto my toes; on a pitch pale night scroll away from our troublesome bitter world. I walk continuous for miles to escapes from it all. Walking on the beach is a sanctuary where I go to reminisce about my cause and journey in this lifetime. I speak of self discovery only in contrary to rejuvenating my growing fatigued soul.
My tiresome stress of caustic stain with sociality in the recent years, often lead me to take seek leisure back. In doing so, my getaway does not hide when I am dependent on it. The beach sets such a delicate gentle presence, which impassions my soul so significant. For instance, when I feel detached and depressed emotionally from my companions I usually escape to take a walk on the beach to reflect back on my feelings. I know the beach does not speak, but in a sense of communication. The sound of harsh splashing water over and over again brings a silence that is loudly heard. Nothing but the sound of water along with a relaxing setting sets a mood pleasingly for my mind to search for answers.
All in all, on my way to escape to from world, I can always count on going to my place. I know the beach will not run away from its problems.

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