time-where is there to go

September 24, 2009
Isn't if funny how time never stops.it's the one constant, unforgiving, but totally reliable thing on this earth. It never changes and no matter how long its gone by it will never give up. the weirdest thing is that no one really knows where time is going. i wonder if time knows where he's going.Where he'll end up? or why he want to get there so badly. i mean what has happened in the past that makes the future so worth getting to. what makes time think that he wants whatever is in store tommorow or the next day. do i want it? or do i wish that this moment in time will freeze and stay here forever. until it blisters and bleeds and scabs and scars. all i know is that i don't like now and i'm completely unsure about tommorow, or the next day. but time will keep on anyways. it will pass by tommorrow and continue into forever. at least until he decides where he's going. wherever there is to go...

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