What's he to you?

September 21, 2009
By NikkiFaith GOLD, Union Grove, Wisconsin
NikkiFaith GOLD, Union Grove, Wisconsin
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“What’s he to you?” is one popular question that many ask, but only I can answer to. Rosie, to me, is the reason I look forward to class. He’s the reason why I love him. Jokes of numerous students that craze the room, that’s what he’s to me.

Page upon page are my thoughts only about him. Here in my heart roses aren’t just red, but a flash of neon colors. Upon an old notebook, page after page, he’s like a full character that brings great joy. Rosie, he’s like a shinning star that lights my path. Still nothing seems to answer it.

I star, yet again. He’s like an average boy but one whom I love. He means a lot to me. When you think of the one you love internally, do you think they could die or get hurt? Maybe stolen by a peppy, bratty, selfish person who really only wants attention? I do, he means my health to me.

I think as I sleep and dream as I think, ‘Will he be there?’ or ‘Does he know that I love him with my heart?’ No he doesn’t I can’t help but answer but I know this for sure. I feel so unsure that if the love I posses for him is worth it at all. Isn’t every guy I like not like worth it? I try to sleep over my fears and live with the facts it is worth loving him. Rosie, I love, is the reason I’m optimistic and battle my scars of hurt, tears and pain.

“What’s he to you?” as they keep asking, like a story book that hasn’t ended and to the world is worth hearing about. My heart is still pounding. My thoughts really shouting. Haven’t you ever loved someone? Haven’t you felt the same way? No. Not like I have. Rosie to me is my life’s worth of heart and happiness. And the girl he may like is nothing like me.

I’ll answer myself one last time. A human can love only when they feel unsecure deep inside. I longed that feeling but hid it to hide, other things that could be possessed and deep in great thought. They know nothing, nothing at all why he means a lot. The rooms of questions I face are horrid and berserk but hold the sensitivity of any lovers’ love.

I hold his passion close to my heart think of his name, is words, and how much he doesn’t know of these words. I won’t say more for even a last second. I’ll remember the ways, I’ve loved him by then he won’t even remember the girl back in high school who loved him from the start.

“What’s he to you?” It’s truly a simple question. To me a sun shinning that lights up my day when I see his face. To me a life saver where I count on him even if there’s not a thing to count for. To me someone funny who can turn my frown up and make me light on toes even when I wish not. Rosie to me is someone I love, I care for and respect with no grudge. I love he you see. This is what Rosie really means to me.

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on Sep. 30 2009 at 11:02 am
I like the title it had us asking questions.


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