Those of the Individuals

September 13, 2009
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One of the generalities about this group of individuals is that we are seasoned. We are so set on being independent but yet we rely on the person we claim to be our best friend. We swear that we are nonpartisan but we feel the need to be involved in nightly study groups in order to generate our flawless grade point average. We are self-governing, self-reliant, self-sufficient, self-supporting souls but the thought of going through a single day without the alleviating voice of our ally brings burden to our hearts. Without the affiliations we’ve built we would still make strides towards our destination, but the familiarity of their body heat next to ours is hard to shake from. We use the cliché of stereotypical cliques for self evolution and do not hide behind our pride while doing so. We allow those who mean nothing to us to brand us with initials we wear through our adolescent years like the tulle tutu our mother strips from us before we’re laid to bed. We take this label and become it. It becomes us. We manipulate it to meet our criteria but yet give in to the falsehoods other people believe to be true. We our sure in our opportunistic hearts that these friendships will dissipate and disappear similar to the dry heat stripping the water from our land but without the definition to our name, we are bare, naked and vulnerable, and everyone can see we are different.

Upon arriving at the high school era of out lives, juveniles’ thirsts are quenched by the ecstasy of executing misdemeanors while we hunger for things more cosmopolitan. Juvenile is exactly the word to describe them, while they cackle at the sight of others’ falls. We imagine ourselves somewhere else. It’s not a rare occasion to find us isolated in a crowded room. We often stand alone; single, among the assemblage of our savage so called “friends”. We find confidence in our maturity and embrace this imposition, but when gathered with our peers we can’t help but feel diffident. We’re invariably creating the very chaos that drills our every thought and action by overwhelming our workload all the while coveting the simplicity of our childhoods and of those whose minds are narrow. We hold close to us the idea of companionship with one or many mates but through the experience we do not find them in our future. They are everything we hide behind to disguise our differentially. They are our “priority” whether they understand the complexity of our minds or can only name our favorite song. They are a story to tell while coming across their picture but they do not hold a place in our hearts. Without meaning, this alludes to the fact of no attachment, but still we give into the adversity of our mindless, socially confidants in hopes of avoiding the albatross of our complexion.

Although with great strength in our confidence we have little need to validate ourselves intellectually to our peers. We allow others to demean our aptitude openly thinking they have defeated us, but they are only a minute villain-like figurine in our grand game of life. We allow the opposite sex to downplay our thoughts, and play up our sex appeal. We dress accordingly. We cloak ourselves in cosmetics in order to create a façade because we know it is child’s play. We are continuously pushed by a motive deep with in us despite the fact we envy others’ sloth like qualities and procrastination. The need for parental guidance is unnecessary, the potential within us ignites a flame when we’re young and continues to smolder through us as we arrive. The only guidance we need and attain is one that is embedded into the creases of our minds. Our minds are an original piece that cannot be cloned.

The most defying time of our lives is now. We stand as witnesses to the other individuals, who like our selves, admit defeat into the group with any given definition. We do so, in hopes of becoming closer to our dreams. We use the brands we were handed, but not the minds we were gifted. Appearance and apocryphal alias’ are used .We live to finally have people check-in mentally to the place we hold our deepest thoughts. We want for our parents to finally give us the approval and recognition they’ve always offered, but we have never accepted for fear of still being inadequate. Predominantly we want to know that after the road that always seemed to comfort us but others saw as the road “astray”, is that we have a place. We want the feeling of not being alone, but still holding true to our individuality. We want the people closest to us to maybe understand us, and for the fear of none of this coming true, we want to find our equal.

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