zero lovelife for heroes?

September 5, 2009
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I've been thinking a lot.

I've watched Superman, Batman, and Spiderman and they all fail in love. It seemed like they didn't end up so happily with their damsel in distress.

So I guess I don't believe in heroes.

I believe in my own kind of hero.

He can't have laser beams or eye shield that even if you fire a gun at him it'll just fly away.

My hero wouldn't come in a cape, or in sweat pants or boxer shorts. He doesn't come with boots or a large letter in the middle of his chest, he doesn't come in Halloween costumes also.

My hero would probably be simple, of course, handsome. He doesn't need to have large muscles to be able to say that he is strong. My hero is strong in different ways. He is brave. Even if he didn't successfully beat all the villains that bullies me, at least he had tried all his best to protect me and he doesn't give up easily.

My hero wouldn't leave me if everyone discovered his true identity. Some heroes leave their love ones just to protect them from their enemies. But my hero would be by my side and ready to protect me. And he is not scared to tell everyone that "Dude, this is my girl beside me and I love her."


So much for my dreams and fantasies.

That won't probably happen.

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