Contemporary Voice on Classic Ideals Writing Project

June 19, 2009
By Anonymous

In the book “Of Mice and Men” Steinbeck sets the story during the Great Depression.
Life was hard for the people during the Depression, and it set a change on American and the
World’s societies. In the years before the Stock Market Crash of 1929, America was blooming
and seeing a new, and better change in its society. But in 1929 things were going to change for
the worst, and setting a devastating effect in the economy, peoples lives, and society itself.

In the 20’s life in America was becoming better then ever. The 20’s were often called the
“Roaring Twenties” because, everything in America was changing. Cars were now starting to be
produce at a affordable rate for most Americans. Women started to change the clothes they
wore, and change the hairstyles they had before in the past. The Harlem Renaissance had
expressed the hidden culture, literary, artwork from the African American society. Also, the
United States had just returned from World War, fighting in this war had helped the United
States claim its spot as a world super power. Everything was changing for the good in American

In October 1929 things started to fall downhill for the economy, government, and
society. The Stock Market crashed, in which was consider to be the start of the Great
Depression. Society took a major change and fall for the Great Depression. People lost their
jobs, lost there money in banks, their homes, and many more things. Life just suddenly changed
from good to worse, Americans traveled the country to find new jobs just to make their lives
better then what it already was. In 1932 President Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced the “New
Deal” to the American people. This brought hope to the American people that the Depression
could now be over with, and their lives could be better again. Another problem faced during
the depression was the Dust Bowl it had a huge effect on farmers throughout the Midwest it
destroyed the soil making it impossible to farm, and reducing the amount of jobs for migrate
workers. Life seemed to just be getting worse for the American people.

It would takes years for the New Deal, other programs, and events to get the economy
back to the way it was. But during the years of the Great Depression society had made a drastic
change and it would change the lives of many people. Making it hard to support a family,
find a job, and to survive.

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