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September 8, 2009
Dear Alex,
Last spring, we would sit and talk. We would tell stories, laugh, i showed you the pictures i took for the photography contest, and you showed me the ones that you took, but weren't going to submit. i tried so hard to talk you into it.

i was excited to have to stay after school to wait for my mom. i could talk to you.

but that day, you werent there. i went, disappointed, but understanding, to the cafeteria. i had though you had left early. i saw you. i walked over, and you got up.

i never was angry with you. how could i be? but i WAS hurt. The next day, i walked into first period intending to confront you. you 1/2 smiled, then went to your seat. thats how the school year finished.

this year, at last, it seems like we're friends again, but theres always something inside of me that wants to know what happened. what did i do? or was it just you? (great. now i'm rhyming)

i need to know. i felt horrible. all summer i was racking my brain.
Alex, your one of my closest friends. Please, Tell Me

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TheWrittenHeart said...
Jan. 6, 2010 at 10:35 pm
Wait...he isn't your boyfriend right? Just a really good friend? But, anyways, I hope you actually gave him this letter :)
FashionGuru said...
Dec. 24, 2009 at 1:27 pm
Wow, i totally understand this. Thanks btw for commenting on SO many of my poems, greatly appreciated. I understand your hurt in this one. How you only want to know what you did wrong, what caused you to lose one of your best friends. if you have time, please check out my poem "They walk away". I think you'll like it.
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