Why Judge?

July 25, 2009
By Anonymous

It was my first day of school, at a new school... of all things a NEW school. I was in my asined seat. The girl behind me tapped my shoulder and introduced her self, ('this is off to a good start' I thought) she said hi and I did the same. I looked around the room thare were many girls and boys to choose from...(to be my friend)I saw a few girls siting all alone and my firs impression was...(stuck up and... well... perrinoied) but no offence to them... Time went by too quickly... It was lunch time. A girl asked if she could sit by me at lunch and of course I said yes. Lunch was soon over. Lunch resess was over soon. Time to go back to class. School was over all too quickly.(Thank God)


(Three months later)
Two of the three girls that I had thought to be stuck up,became my friends... But one was still like a total mean lady...
If thare's one thing I learned its not to Judge!

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