Simplistic La La La's; The Music Remedy

July 24, 2009
Music fills me up when I'm feeling empty. It cakes my cracks and crevasses like spackle to an apartment post reception of blow from raging boyrfriend, brother, father. It smooths jagged edges and invites a sweetly smooth mellow in its place. The tunes add fuel to flame when I'm deperate for ventillation. It loosens the tears' passage when my heart screams for a good cry. Music slaps a smile on my face and inspires a bounce in my step. The right song can help me grit these teeth and plunder through the obligations with an attitude of determination. Sometimes, though, it just hits you like water to concrete, and then you know that you are a bit beyond the music remedy.

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livinglaughingloving said...
Sept. 7, 2009 at 7:08 am
That is like so true
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