The School Tennis Court

July 22, 2009
By Anonymous

One day it was just like any other day in middle school. You know when you go to class and stuff then go to lunch and gossip with your friends? Yeah that was how the day was. When me and my girls would hang under the tree that had a lot of shade. The tennis court was a few feet away from that tree.
All the skaterkids hung out in there. They acted like animals. So while me and my besties were talking aboutboys and what Shaquiela was wearing I got wiff of something. A smell similar to cigarette smoke but stronger. i was suprise my friends couldnt smell it.
The security guards ignored it. So then i did too. when theh bell rang everyone was heading towards the school and the skaterkids were walking out of the tennis court. They were acting akward.
during passing period I had went to the restroom.
As I washed my hands Elly had walked in. she was one of the skaterkids. She was whiping her eyes. They were teary and red. I asked her what was wrong. She said nothing was wrong and laughed. Elly said she was... high. Then i noticed that her pupils were so huge i could barely see her blue eyes. I asked her where she got it from. She said that she got it from an 8th grader.Who put them in her locker in a hot cheetos bag. she offered me a smoke. I said ,"Sorry Elly i live above the influence. I am not going to let an evil leaf wrapped in paper ruin my life."

Then i told her kills brain cells. Im guessing that is whys she acts stupid in class and failing.We were only in 7th grade.
I decided not to talk to her anymore. I dont talk to druggies if you know what i mean.

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