life goes on

July 21, 2009
By Anonymous

There are things in life that happen that could be bad or good. For me it was nothing good at all. I was dating a really nice guy for a little more than two months and we ended up breaking up. About a month after we broke up he tried to kill himself. To me that felt like i had been running as fast as i could and then i hit a brick wall. I cried myself to sleep for a week then decided i was blessed to even have meet him. I promised myself i would remember the good times we had together. Then about two weeks after that my cousin got into a car crash along with her boyfriend and a friend of ours and her boyfriend. My cousins boyfriend was dead were the acident was at. He flipped his car seven times and was thrown from it. My cousin and the other two are in the hospital still recovering but i am glade that she is ok. That they are ok. I know that there is life after death although i dont think like most people do. To me life after death is someones soul going into an unborn childs body and they will be almost exactly like the person who had the soul before them. What really matters is that i know everything will turn out ok...maybe even better than ok. I just keep my friends in check with what is going on and they make sure that i am felling good almost every day. I am really thankful for good friends and family who cares even though they really dont know what to do.

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