Is it better for children to grow up in the countryside than in a big city

July 17, 2009
By Anonymous

One of the most important things to consider when raising a child is the quality of education they will receive. A good education includes good preparation for university entrance exams and many opportunities to develop intelligence. The countryside lags behind the city in both these two qualities. Because children can get a better education in a big city than in the countryside, I disagree with the statement and think it is better for children to grow up in a big city.

First, the big city better prepares Chinese students for admission into top universities. The university entrance examinations are the most important tests in China because the scores of this exam determine which university a student will attend. In 2008, our school in the city of ____ sent more than 100 students to go to the top university in China. Meanwhile, at many countryside schools, only a few students were admitted to the top university. In most big cities, the rates of students attending the top universities are much higher than the countryside. From these results, it is clear that city schools help students score higher on the university entrance exams than those that go to country schools, making cities the better place for children to grow up.

Second, there are many more opportunities to expand one's mind in the city than in the countryside. For example, my brother used to live in a countryside in Anhui Province. He was the top student in his class. However, our father wanted him to study in the city, so he sent my brother to an urban school. My brother was very confident about going to that school, since he was so successful at his old school. However, when he started the first lesson with his classmates, he was shocked because the students in that school were so much smarter than he had imagined. The first year in that school, he was the worst student in his class. One year later, after working very hard to improve his studies, my brother is now ____ in his class. Opportunities are not just limited to raising your class rank. Activities and competitions, such as the Math Olympic Competition, can only be found in the city. These activities allow us to expand our studies beyond schoolwork and can develop our intelligence.

In short, it is better for children to grow up in a big city so that they can get a better education.

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