More Than Words

July 16, 2009
By Anonymous

There are thousands of words in the English language. Words to describe emotions, objects, people, places.... they seem to never run out.
And yet, we're constantly running into situations where words just aren't enough to cover what we want to convey.
That's where music comes in.
The way I see it, music expresses those sentiments which are too much for words. Music connects with people in ways that cannot be explained or understood; just accepted and admired. Music can touch our hearts in ways that words cannot compete with. Who knows why? But one thing is for sure: I would much rather hear music than words any day.

The author's comments:
I have to admit, this isn't one of my best pieces. That's because, as this piece says, words weren't enough to describe what I was trying to explain. I personally connect with music on a very deep level, and to be perfectly honest, I had a hard time translating that feeling into words. So I hope that, despite my own difficulty writing it, this piece manages to convey that special thing there is about music.

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