Mount Rainer

June 9, 2009
By Anonymous

I remember this moment like yesterday. It’s one of those moments that is funny, but comes back to haunt you when you want to do something serious. It went something like this. My best friend’s family and mine decided to go to their cabin located on Mount Rainer. It was snowing like crazy and we were all pumped to go sledding, especially since they had a humongous hill. For the first couple runs everything was fine, and then we paired up and started sledding with people driving in the front and someone else in the back along for the ride. Naturally I went with my best friend. She drove. Unfortunately I decided I thought I could drive the sled. Big mistake.

The next run, I got in front and my best friend in the back. We started out smooth then came a slight curve. I thought I could wait awhile to turn, it would be easy. However, we started to gain speed and I was having trouble controlling the sled. Did I mention that there was a tree off to the side? Well as you can imagine I lost control and gave up trying to continue down the hill. We ran straight into a tree stump. Instead of stopping though, we took off into the air until we were perpendicular to the ground, into another tree. Then the sled fell from underneath us. Fortunately for me I was in the front of the sled and landed on top of my best friend…with the sled on me. Now you may be thinking that she was hurt, but everything was ok she was perfectly fine, the snow padded her fall.

Like I said earlier however, these innocent attempts at steering came back to haunt me. My parents now are hesitant to let me start driving, and so is my best friend.

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