Her Final Destination

August 16, 2009
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Her bike slowly pulled up to the middle of the rode, with all the other bikes. Maybe she wasn't thinking that day. Cars do go on this road quite often Maya! Oh how i wish i could of stoped her then.
On to the bike race, "1..2..3!" off they go,,,... suddenly a Black For Door Dodge Pick-up, struck Maya's bike and threw her off of it. Everyone jumped off their bikes and ran to Maya. The truck just kept going, oh how awful. She had a big gash in the back of her head. I picked her up, and ran to my house, called "911." There were there in no time. 2 hours later, i got a call from "St.Elizabth" picked up the phone, and they were asking for me. As soon as i heard the Nurse said "I am terribly sorry, but Maya just pasted away." I droped the phone got on my knees, and some kind of liquad came pouring out of my eyes. Maya's final Destination, was right there in front of my house, where the neighbor struck and killed her. Everyday whe i go outside, i just stare where i watched my bestfriend die.

The author's comments:
this is a non-fiction peice. it happened 2 years ago!!!!

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