The Death Of The Person I Loved

August 22, 2009
By tomeka BRONZE, Columbia, South Carolina
tomeka BRONZE, Columbia, South Carolina
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Days,weeks,an months went by.I knew she was dying.She was geting sicker an sicker.I knew i had to stay strong for my family.The doctor's were telling us there was nothing else they could do.I felt very sad an hurt at the time that i blocked out reality an put the past in front of the present.I felt that through all of these months i was the one who was leting go of life an giveing up.The doctors put my auntie on a breathing machine to help her breath.everybody thought that was gonna help but obviously it didnt.What hurted my feelings the most was to find out that she couldnt talk an that she was brain dead.She died in 2004.I will never forget my auntie.On behave of my article an for people who's lost a love one,please dont put the past in front of the present an forget about life,an push on move forward,dont give up on urself an those who love u an most importanly know who u are an put god first.god bless.

The author's comments:
i would like to think everyone for listening to my story.the people who inspired me to write this story was my mom an my sister.i hope everyone who reads my story learns something,i hope u guys dont give up on life an keep on moveing.thank u for listening!

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