My Wish

May 31, 2009
By Anonymous

Have you ever seen a shooting star zoom across the sky?
People say that when you see a shooting star you are supposed to make a wish. Today I will tell you about my wish on a shooting star, and how that wish came true.

~It started one fall night about 6 years ago; my mom and I were taking our dog outside. As I watched the sky, a big shinny object flew across it. Immediately I wished for something I had always dreamed for. I wished that I would get either a kitty or a horse before I got to much older.

A few years passed and still no kitty or horse.
Then one spring night about 4 years ago, my sister was taking the trash out. She ran back in yelling that there were glowing eyes under our car. So my parents went out to look, and the glowing eyes turned out to be the eyes of…… a cat!

My parents could tell that he had been homeless for many years, and had not eaten for a very long time. So my mom gave him some leftover chicken. As he gobbled it down they were able to observe him. He was really skinny, had nearly no hair, he had a big, bald, and bloody spot on his side, and was sneezing a lot. He was in terrible condition.

My parents agreed that if he survived, we could keep him. So my sister and I thought of names. I liked the name Charlie, but my sister liked Tiger better. So we just called him what we wanted for the time being.

We kept the kitty outside, and everyday he would return to our house for food and attention. Finally we decided to take him to the vet.

The vet examined him, and said that there was no way he would survive. My dad just told her to do what ever she could to save him.

They did all they could. And after a few weeks, and thousands of dollars, we got a call. Worried, my mom answered the phone… we were going to go pick up our new cat! ~

~His name isn’t Charlie, or Tiger. My dad calls him our million dollar cat, but we all have agreed that the name Lucky fits him best!

In conclusion, I wished for a kitty, and a kitty I got, we didn’t find Lucky, Lucky found us!

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