Thinking Of Him

May 28, 2009
By Anonymous

thinking of him,
is when the one you loves makes you cry but always cheers you up. the one that says take my hand and come with me your my only one,the one u kiss on his soft lips waiting for him to pull you in and hold you tight, when your down hes down no matter what when u need him hes there no doubt. when your sleep he lays nxt to you holding you tight listening to your breaths as you dream about you and him getting married, when your in school all you do is look around the room and stare and day dream yet still thinkin about him, he crawls through your veins and swims through your soul hes your one and only and when you think of him you think of nothing else only about when is the next time that you and him will kiss so that u can remenece the past!

The author's comments:
its about when you think about that special someone and you never stop.

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